Are We There Yet?

by Le Flex

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ruiplacido A genius in music creation!
Outstanding songs! Incredible new 80's pop, with wonderful synths, beats and vocals.
And with a plus of a peculiar sense of humor in their videos, ahahah! Favorite track: Drown In Love.
Bartosz Borkowski
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Bartosz Borkowski The best melancholic introverted retro funk. Favorite track: Trulove.
Alexander Hine
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Alexander Hine The first track I listened to was track 11 "unrequited', literally I had a synthgasm.
C.Y. Lee
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C.Y. Lee The video for 1000 Nights is everything Favorite track: 1000 Nights.


After becoming a millionaire from sales of his second album, Le Flex officially retired to Hobbiton. This new 3rd album has been made by a sound-a-like he found in the Philippines, with music by an algorithm from a Chinese server farm for a total cost of £3.50
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released March 1, 2019

Written, produced and performed by Le Flex.


all rights reserved



Le Flex London, UK

Le Flex first started his music project to attract as many groupies as possible.
Instead all he gets are DJs messaging him to collaborate on their half-finished ideas.
He writes sublime synth pop to make you dance, and ballads to tempt your inner lover. His new album is rumoured to be able to heal the sick when they listen to it.
He loves sunshine, Whisky, and looking under his bed.
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Track Name: (Intro) Finally Found You
I’m looking for the one to be with me
To stay for always
I didn’t realise but now I see
That girl I finally found you now

And I don’t know how
How I lived without
Your love so long
It’s so strong
Track Name: 1000 Nights
You look so good to me
A vision of true love
A walking fantasy
The dream that i’ve dreamed of

Knees weak, my body shaking
You smile and it’s sublime
The love we could be making
If only you were mine

Oh I could spend a 1000 nights
Just looking deep into those eyes
Wanna hold you in my arms
As we kiss beneath the stars
Yeah we could fall in love

I’ll be a man about it
And say what’s on my mind
But when you’re next to me
It leaves me so tongue-tied

Won’t you tell me what to do
Do you feel what I feel too?
I imagine when we touch
I have wanted you so much
Yeah we could fall in love
Track Name: Your Lips, Your Hips
Couldn’t make it one more night
Without you girl
And it feels like I could die
When you’re moving, so close

So sexy you know
I can’t let you go
I just wanna get into you
I’m at your command
The touch of your hand
And I love all the things that you do

Your lips, your lips, your lips
My hands around
Your hips, your hips, your hips
My lips upon
Your lips, your lips, your lips
My hands around
Your hips, your hips, your hips

Can’t you see
Baby what you do to me
Can’t you see
I’m in love

Gonna take off all your clothes
When you get here
I’ll be all you need to know
When we’re moving so slow

So sexy you know
I can’t let you go
And I love all the things that you do

It’s just you and I
Tonight will be your night
It’s there in your eyes
Just like it’s there in mine
Track Name: Drown In Love
Don’t you be surprised my baby
This is what you wanted
You and I we both know that this could be
True love babe, true love baby

I know you’ve thought of us together
All the things that we can be
Wanna be a part of you forever
It’s on babe, it’s on baby

Ooh girl you’ve got me
Under your spell
With the things that you do to me

It’s gonna be so sweet
So sweet it’ll knock you off your feet
So good you’ll be wishing that we could
Make love til the sun comes up
Is all I want
Tonight I was thinking that we might
Take time so that I can blow your mind
So fine is the feeling inside
Let’s drown in love

I can love you with precision
Anyway you want me to
Face to face is the position
For love babe, for love baby
I wanna show you how it should be
Lady when you let me in
You know i’m the kind of man that could be
The one babe, the one baby

It feels so right
Kiss your lips and see
It’s gonna be so sweet
Track Name: Trulove
When i’m alone
When i’m alone

If you just let me show
So much that you should know
I’m in love with you
I’m in love with you
I can’t help craving this
The thought of when we’ll kiss
I’m in love with you

And when the heart falls
It’s only because
Trulove, trulove
Track Name: Love Has Come
Sometimes I think about you baby
My heart feels like it’s waking up
The thoughts inside can drive me crazy
But I know I just can’t give up

How it feels inside
I can’t let you go
When I hold you close
You are all I want
I can’t help myself
When i’m with you
So it goes

You and I we got this chance to
Hold on to sweet romance and
Take some time to realise
That love has come this time
You and I are so much better
When it’s you and I together
We could fall in love tonight
Let’s fall in love

The space between us getting smaller
Tonight we find ourselves alone
I really want so much to know you
And every time we touch
It shows
Track Name: I Thought It Was You
Seeing you again
I felt so strange
When I thought i’d come so far
I know in my heart
That this is wrong
And you will only cause me harm

Cause no one has ever
Put me through the pain
You put me through
When I needed someone
I thought it was you

Day after day
Your love I craved
But never found the words to say
I wanted to hide
God knows I tried
To get you right out of my mind

I have always known one day
That you’d come back again
Now I’m feeling so afraid
That you’ll walk right away
Track Name: Back To Love
Too many lonely nights
With an empty space lying by my side
Right here inside of me
Is an aching heart where your love should be

I see you once again
You say we can still be friends
But I know that it’s only just sympathy
Would it be wrong to try
Cause I promise you that i’m
Still in love, can’t you see
If only you would

Come back to love
Tell me i’m not dreaming
We’ll find a deeper meaning
Come back to love
Tell me what you’re feeling
Cause my heart ain’t believing

I wanna call you again
To help me through the night
That won’t ever end
But I can’t pick up the phone
I couldn’t bear to find that you’re not alone
Track Name: Love You Tonight
Baby it’s been a while now
Since our last encounter
And i’m anticipating
That wonderful smile on your face
All the adventure
All the joy and passion
Oh baby I can hardly wait

So many times i’ve dreamed of this moment
When I would hold you in my arms again
And ooh the feeling that I get when you pull me closer
Will you give yourself to me
Is it the right time yet

I can feel it too
What you wanna do
Let me love you tonight
If you wanna play
Come around my way
I will love you tonight

The two of us alone now
Tell me what you’re thinking
While the music is playing
And the lights are turned down low
Hey you are my
My one temptation
Will you give yourself to me
Is it the right time yet

And your touch
Means so much
I just wanna hear you say
You feel the same way
When you hold me
And you kiss me
Here is where I wanna be
In total ecstasy
Track Name: For Sure (Full Version)
There’s no more excuses
I can’t hide from the way this feels
I know it’s no use to
So i’ll just let them say what they will

For so long it’s been you that I want
There was never the time to say
You should know
That i’ll be loving you
Night and day

Baby I got plans for you
Put my hands on you
Give you all that you’ve been waiting for
Then you’ll know
That it’s you that I love
For Sure

There’s a deep emotion
That without you I can’t fulfil
If you get my notion
Yeah i’m thinking about you still

If I should reveal my heart to you
Would you turn me away
Make me wait another day

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